How to Invest 1 Million Shillings in Kenya

How to Invest 1 Million Shillings in Kenya

Currently, there are so many betting sites in Kenya that allow Kenyans to win Millions of shillings. There is a chance, therefore if you participate in this kind of sport that you can be able to win yourself a Million. But have you ever sat down and asked yourself what you would do if you had a Million shillings? What would you invest in with 1 million Kenya shillings in Kenya? In today’s article, we are going to address this.

Where to get the 1 million shillings to Invest in Kenya

Apart from the example shared above, there are other ways of being able to raise this kind of Cash in Kenya. Since the central bank of Kenya governor announced that 1,000 notes would be rendered obsolete, there is allegedly a lot of corruption money to be disposed of. Moreover, you may have saved up to this one million mark, and now you want to know how you can invest it in.

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Types of Investment Options

Investments are primarily divided based on how risky it is in terms of returns. Risk is the probability at which an investment can either underperform and therefore resulting in loss of a substantial capital amount. There are two types of risk: A high-risk investment and a low-risk investment.

High-risk investments are those that have a high probability of underperforming or losing a substantial amount of principal amount. In contrast, low-risk investments are those that the chances of the principal amount being lost are minimal.

Low-risk investments are very suitable for those people who would like to protect the principal amount while still earning interest on it. While for someone who is not risk-averse, high-risk investment opportunities are the best.

Low-risk investment options to invest 1 million shillings in Kenya.

  1. Putting the money in a savings account

If you are a more risk-averse individual and you would still want your account to earn you some cash while not sweating it. A savings account is the best thing to opt to invest your money. A fixed deposit savings account can make you even up to 10% interest rate. This around a 100,000 Kenya shillings being deposited in your bank at the end of each year.

Kenya Commercial Bank has one of the best savings accounts in Kenya at the moment. The Simba savings account earns a client a 5% interest per annum. This translates to around 50,000 per annum earned in investments. Other banks with good interest on savings include equity bank and cooperative bank.

2. Bonds

The next best way to invest your 1 million Kenya shillings is to invest in government or company bonds. A bond is a debt instrument of raising cash by either an organisation or company. People who invest in bonds usually earn a fixed amount of returns over a period f time. Government bonds are generally known as treasury bonds.

At the moment, it has become straightforward to invest in treasury bonds in Kenya. The government of Kenya, in partnership with the leading telecommunication firms(Safaricom and Airtel), to come up with M-Kiba. M-Kiba is a mobile platform where one can invest in treasury bonds with as little as Ksh. 3000. With the 1 million Kenya shillings one can invest in bonds and begin making money from it passively.

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How to Invest Ksh. 1 Million shillings in Kenya

If one is not risk-averse and would like to double or triple their money in a year or less, it might be worth considering to invest in the following investment options. These investments options will earn you a higher rate of return despite them being risky.

  1. Food Industry

It is tough to invest in the industry of the basic need and fail unless you have not done thorough research on the business beforehand. Food is one of the necessities to survive. Without it, we would all die. Fast food eats outs are becoming some of the fastest-growing businesses in town. Take for an example the number of fast-food outlets available in Nairobi city alone.

With 1 million shillings, one can invest in a small, fast food eat out and be able to get good returns as soon as the business picks. All that one has to do is to make sure that they have done proper market research. For instance, understand the demographics of your potential customers, the Market price of the raw materials, the cost of renting a business space, among others.

If you are not passionate about the hotel industry, you might decide to invest in buying produce from farmers and selling it in markets in major towns or cities. The key is to know which produce is in demand and try to find ways to get it to the market while using minimal costs.

Buying cereals in bulk and storing them to sell them when they are in demand but least available. This business is highly speculative. I tend to compare it to gambling. This is because it is upon you to decide when to sell your cereals. Whether its when the prices are around 6,000 per bag or 10,000 per pack.


Investment in shares has been the oldest way known to us of investing vast amounts of cash. It is risky because of the fluctuations in share prices of the companies invested in. However, the returns are worth the returns. Before deciding to invest in a share of a given company, it’s essential to do extensive research about it. Its management, its performance over some years, any business decisions that may have been made to affect the performance of share price.

Make sure, while investing in shares, you do not put the 1 million shillings in one company only. Diversify your investment, and you could decide to divide your money into chunks of Ksh. 250,000. This diversification will ensure that you have quickly spread your risk.

3. Binary Options trading

This has the highest chance among those listed under high-risk investment options. Binary options are financial options that enable one to profit by predicting currency exchange rates. This whole process of prediction is known as the trading, and the person doing this is called a trader. A trader will make a bet whether a currency’s exchange rate will rise or fall.

In addition to options trading being a risky affair, it also has the highest rate of return at 90%. However, one only earns this if the bet they made is correct. To be successful at binary options trading, one needs a lot of practice. The good news is that that all the platforms that have clients trading in this are free and they offer demo accounts to practice before actually venturing into the trade. An example of such a platform is Olympic trading.

4. Real Estate trading

The real estate is among the best-growing industries to invest in Kenya. Over the recent past, investments in this industry earn about 6.1% – 8.1%. This rate of return is largely dependent on the town in which this investment is located. Nairobi at the moment has the lowest rate of return on real estate at 6.1%.

Tip: if one has decided to invest in real estate, it is essential to invest in Nairobi satellite towns or even those out of Nairobi. This is because real estate investments in Nairobi are often overinflated, and this means, they will not give one good returns.

5. Land

The land is the only fixed asset at the moment that grows in value over time. Therefore it would be worth choosing to invest the 1 million shillings in a piece of land. After buying the property, you can hold the property for a year or more and then decide to resell it, or you can develop the piece of land to keep bringing in more income.


If you have the 1 million Kenyan shillings, the above ideas are worth starting with. However, there are times which you have a few hundred shillings, and you still want this money to bring you something. It’s therefore worth, to start where you are and not to wait for that time that you will be able to earn 1 million shillings to invest.

Happy investing!