how does it work

how does it work

Selling your Old or new stuff does have to be tasking, We understand this especially when you want to sell those items faster or gathered a lot of awareness. We created Nairastreet to help you showcase your products, services and all those items of yours you wish to sell to make extra bucks



How do you post your stuff on


First, you need to get yourself or your Brand registered on our platform, this is so easy and free, click on register, you can make the process faster by downloading our app on Google play store you can use your Facebook account to log in on by clicking on " login with FB icon"

After you successfully registered login into your account. go to your profile to update your mobile number

If you are a business owner or Brand, Please take this opportunity to add your business information by going to Business Profile update your details select your business categories and other things such as time of business operation, Method  payments, and other details which your business offer

If you are allready Loged in to your account, just click on the Create Listing Button, or if you are on a Desktop computer with a big screen click on the top right select your product / Business categories followed by the details including the attributes If the item you wish to sale has another location you can select your location here otherwise the location you used during the registration will be auto-added

Click on Publish and your Ad will be queued for review if it passes our integrity test, it will be enabled. This is only one time stuff, subsequent times your ad won't have to wait that long before appearing.


After Posting your Ad


Always check Oxdes from time to time as the visitors might leave you a message, also ensure your number is reachable for possible calls ad transactions. Also, ensure that you ask your clients, customers, to rate your profile this will increase your reputation and trust



You can utilize our special promotional feature to make your ads more visible to the world by paying a small fee, the promotional platform works in a way that your ads are pushed to the top of the category, appear on the home page and search pages, depending on the style of promotion you selected, you can also make the color and background of your ad stand out from the crowd all these features make you more visible X10 than when it is ordinary posted