Earn Money on Oxdes

Marketing Agent

As a marketing Associate, you can earn money on a commission basis by bringing sellers to our platform. Your goal will be to bring high volume sellers currently conducting their businesses in the old way.

Real Estate Broker

As a broker, you will be able to help list houses, apartments, and rooms on behalf of landlords. As you post and earn a reputation on oxdes, your followers will grow and the probability of quickly getting clients for your listings increases. This ultimately creates a positive loop, more followers, more clients, and quicker revenue.


This part is the easy one. Quick act as a middleman and earn quick cash. Smart resellers on oxdes are able to buy and sell items within the same town or outside. As a reseller, you can buy a home equipment, car, electronics or anything else in your city , and quickly resell in another region of high demand.

Cars and Auto Part Broker

Auto Dealers or Brokers help imported car sellers make money buy acting as marketing agents. As you grow your following on Oxdes, your car listings are likely to get more views and that also increases your chances of selling quicker.