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7 Tips how to create an effective ad

If you really want to create an effective ad, it is highly recommended to follow our top 7 expert’s instructions below:

1. Attention-grabbing title
Use a clear title which includes the name of the item you sell.
2. Relevant price
Set an appropriate price for your item so that the advert is approved. Comparing price on Jiji can help you ensure your item is in line with the current market.
3. Detailed description
The description of your product must be informative enough and mustn’t contain any false information regarding your product or service.
4. A picture says a thousand words
The better photos you add, the more attractive your ad looks to the potential buyers and the more calls you receive.
5. Answer your calls and chats
Indicate correct contact details. Try to respond all the incoming calls or to call back your customers once available.
6. Double-check your location and category
It is important to ensure that you post your ad in the right location and category.
7. Pay a little, get a lot
Sometimes, an ad might just need a little boost to receive the exposure it deserves. Free classifieds are a great start, but if you are motivated towards increasing exposure, consider upgrading your free advertisement with premium services.
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