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Land and Dairy Farm in Russia For Sale

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Location: Rovaniemi

Price: 7 105 700 € Negotiable

Land and dairy farm for 1200 cattle heads in Novgorod region, Russia.

The best offer for investors!

The total land area is 8,200 hectares. The investment site is located in the North-West of Russia, between the two largest cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow, in the Novgorod region of the Russian Federation. The lands are located 120 km from St. Petersburg, near the city of Chudovo and adjoin the main Russian highway ?-10.

The lands are located compactly, the fields are even, the contour of the fields is large, there are no stones. The fields are cultivated, planted with annual and perennial cultivated grasses. The company has at its disposal all the necessary equipment for processing fields and fodder harvesting.

The main asset of Chudovo is a new high-tech dairy farm for 1,200 heads of dairy cattle, with all equipment and infrastructure. Fleet of special machinery for land cultivation and fodder storage is over 30 units.

The degree of readiness of the farm is 90 percent.

The farm consists of three cowsheds 400 heads each, a maternity ward and a milking unit. There are also three hay barns, two granaries, four silo trenches with an individual capacity of 3000 tons, manure storage, paved road 5 km long.

The farm was designed and built competently, which will allow the future owner to save time and significant funds on the production of milk and meat.

The farm is designed and manufactured in Holland; all components are also brought from the Netherlands.

Technological advantages of the farm:

High degree of automation
Lifting roof ridge and lift-up window
Heated water for feeding cows by removing heat from milk
Insulated foundation
Two independent power supplies
Bolted connections: trusses, columns, panels
JOS manure removal
Delta scrapers with pumping, pumps into a closed lagoon
Slotted floors in the gallery
Rubber envelopes for the lagoon
GEA milking parlor (2 * 24) with responders and a management program
Milk storage tanks
In-stream milk cooling system – recuperator
The technology implemented in this project is the year-round maintenance of cows in a loose housing with a walk-out directly next to the barn. The livestock will be kept in cowsheds in sections equipped with rest boxes, on mattresses using bedding made from chopped straw or sawdust.

The project is designed to produce a gross milk volume of up to 13,000 tons per year, which, with a milk price of 32 rubles/kg, allows for a turnover of 416 million rubles.

There is also a dairy plant with the infrastructure: food production zone in accordance with sanitary zone, plot area 2.2 hectares; building, new substation 440 kVA, well, water supply, sewerage; it is also possible to supply gas, the necessary permits have already been obtained.

The total land area of more than 8,200 hectares allows you to place 3-4 farms.

The commissioning of the three dairy farms will allow for reaching the gross volume of 39 – 40 000 tons of milk per year, which amounts to a turnover of 1 billion 250 million rubles per year.

These volumes of milk production will create the need for the reconstruction of the existing dairy plant with a milk processing volume of 150 – 200 tons per day.

The site has its own production of concrete with a capacity of 60 m3 per hour in an Italian plant.

The programs proposed by the Russian government to support foreign investors attract investment companies from around the world.

They implement large-scale highly pro?table projects in agriculture on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The largest investors in dairy husbandry in Russia are:

Ecosem-Agrar GmbH (Germany) EkoNiva-Agribusiness project – crop, dairy and meat breeding;
Hyundai Heavy Motors (South Korea) Hende Khorol Agro and Hende Mikhailovka Agro projects;
Olam Singapore company – Russian milk company project;
Danone (France) – Damate project for the construction of a dairy complex for 4.6 thousand heads of cattle.
State and local government bodies strive for the economic growth of the municipal district, which is expressed in the presence of federal and regional programs to support entrepreneurship.

There are a number of programs according to which it is possible:

• reimbursement of 30% of all costs in the construction of a farm, hay sheds, silo trenches and other buildings (180 million rubles);

• refund up to 50% of the purchase of equipment;

• raising a loan for 10-15 years at a rate of 0-2%;

• compensation for the purchase of heifers in the amount of 0.9-1.4 euros per kg;

• exemption from most taxes for the payback period of the project;

• construction of housing for dairy farm workers under preferential conditions.

The lands are partially located in the zone of single-industry towns, where enterprises are tax exempt. All communications are provided at the expense of the budget, long-term soft loans can also be offered upon request.

Among other things there is cheap labor, which is in average from 140 to 850 euros, and close location of the largest cities of Russia minimizes personnel shortages.

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